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Denver Domestic Violence Attorney

Thomas Nellessen is a Denver Domestic violence attorney who handles serious family violence cases.  DO NOT let a domestic violence related charge ruin your life.  What you need is a Denver domestic violence attorney who will take charge of your case.  Because domestic violence related matters as viewed seriously, such charges can result in the loss of employment, refusal of housing and the inability to obtain and possess a weapon.

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DO NOT let the prosecutor’s office guide your case.   If you are charged with a domestic violence related matter, you need an attorney who is skilled handling domestic violence related crimes.  So, to take control your own destiny, hire a highly skilled Denver domestic violence attorney.

Denver Domestic Violence Attorney

Denver Domestic Violence Attorney – The Nellessen Law Office

Skilled Domestic Violence Representation

The NELLESSEN LAW OFFICE provides cutting-edge Denver domestic violence representation.  Our Denver practice has been responsible for a number of successful cases in and around the Denver Area, from Castle Rock to Fort Collins and Greeley. Because it is important to have a lawyer for domestic violence charges, An experienced and skilled professional is required.  Additionally, our Denver domestic violence lawyers have expertise in a range of domestic violence related cases, from harassment to serious assault matters. Therefore, the NELLESSEN LAW OFFICE should be your first choice when seeking professional representation.  So,  no scenario will deter us from delving into the case with precision and patience.

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Contact the NELLESSEN LAW OFFICE today to speak with a Denver domestic violence attorney.  Additionally, we offer free consultations.  During your free consultation, we will provide a complete analysis of your case.  Then, we will begin the process of fighting to get the best possible outcome in your case.

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Denver Domestic Violence Lawyer

Denver Domestic Violence Attorney