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DUI charges in Boulder County can be serious.  With long probations, stiff fines and possible incarceration, it is extremely important that you hire a Boulder DUI Attorney as soon as possible after your arrest.

With the recent changes in the Colorado DUI laws, you need a Boulder DUI attorney who has the knowledge and skill to fight DUI related cases through trial. With a 25 year history of helping clients with DUI related cases, the NELLESSEN LAW OFFICE is the right choice.

The Boulder DUI Attorneys at the NELLESSEN LAW OFFICE, have been trained to throroughly research the facts of a DUI case and the laws associated with DUI cases.  Additionally, we have extensive training in the science behind DUI blood alcohol and breath testing.  With knowledge of the procedures behing these chemical test, we are able to vigorously attack the prosecutoin’s case against you.

The complexity of DUI cases continues to expand each year with harsher financial penalties and longer jail sentences being imposed.  Of course, each DUI case is different; however, at the NELLESSEN LAW OFFICE, we will use our vast experience and knowledge to vigorously defend each case by attacking the written statements of the arresting officer, officer’s competency as to the procedures that wer followed during the stop, and the scientific testing behind the blood or breath test results.

Thomas J. Nellessen of the NELLESSEN LAW OFFICE has received advanced training in DUI related matters through specialized blood testing courses, together with courses related to field sobriety testing, breath testing procedures and other specialized areas of DUI law.   So if you are in need of a Boulder DUI attorney who has the training, background and experience in DUI related matters, contact the NELLESSEN LAW OFFICE today for your free consultation.

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