Boulder Domestic Violence Attorney

Domestic Violence Attorney

Domestic violence related charges are serious offenses that cannot be taken lightly. At the NELLESSEN LAW OFFICE, we are skilled trial attorneys who truly feel that people charged with crimes in Colorado deserve a high quality defense.  Additionally, that defense should not break the bank or pocket book.  If you are charged with a DV case, you must retain a skilled and experienced Boulder domestic violence attorney to help guide you through the legal process.  Since these are serious maters and can have a significant effect on your freedom, your right to possess a firearm, and you reputation, do not try to represent yourself.

The NELLESSEN LAW OFFICE and lead Boulder domestic violence attorney Thomas J. Nellessen will boldy defend misdemeanor and felony domestic violence related cases. With over 20 years of legal experience, the NELLESSEN LAW OFFICE is equiped and ready to fight for you. Put our law firm’s defense resources in your corner.  With Colorado’s Fast Track system of pushing domestic violence related matters through court, the district attorney’s office trying to force a those accused of domestic violence related matters to take plea deals on the first court hearing date.  Hence, it is imparative that you immediately speak with an experienced and skilled Boulder domestic violence attorney. Do not let the way you live your life be limited by a domestic violence conviction. If you are charged with a domestic violence related offense in Boulder, Colorado, the NELLESSEN LAW OFFICE is the right choice for you. We have offices in Denver and Douglas County.  Contact us today for your free consultation.

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