Adams County DUI Attorney

Adams County Dui Attorney

Driving under the influence (DUI), in Adams County is a serious offense.  It may be referred to as  driving while ability impaired (DWAI) driving while intoxicated (DWI), or drunk-driving.  It is the operating of a motor vehicle when your abiluty to drive has been compromised by alcohol or drugs.  People who receive more than one DUI offense face mandatory sentencing that cannot be suspended by the court.  If you are in need of an Adams County DUI attorney, the NELLESSEN LAW OFFICE is here to serve you.  At the NELLESSEN LAW OFFICE, we have been successfully representing Adams County clients in DUI cases for over 20 years.

Drunk Driving Attorney Adams County

If you have been arrested for DUI in Adams County, the Adams County Justice Center in Brighton, Colorado is your battlefield.  Furthermore, a courtroom is no place for you to be without a skilled, experienced, and knowledgeable Adams County DUI attorney.

With the constantly changing area of DUI law, it is imperative that you retain an Adams County DUI attorney at the earliest possible time.  Once arrested for a DUI, certain time periods begin to run.  If you miss a deadline, you may drastically affect your employment, your freedom and your livelihood.  If you are charged with any DUI related matter, you will be facing significant fines and penalties, including jail time.  For over two decades, the NELLESSEN LAW OFFICE has fought to protect the rights, liberties and freedoms of those charged with DUI matters in Adams County.


DO NOT pay the extremely high prices that most “Top DUI Attorney’s” charge before you speak with us.  The NELLESSEN LAW OFFICE is one of the premier DUI and criminal defense firms in Colorado.  We provide high quality legal representation at an affordable cost.  With offices in lower downtown Denver, we are a mere 30 minutes from the Adams County Justice Center.  We offer free consultations that can be done at a location near you. In addition, we meet clients all over Adams County.  So, to help ease the stress of the DUI process, we will come to you.

For your convenience, we offer night and weekend appointments.  Contact Adams County DUI attorney Tom Nellessen of the NELLESSEN LAW OFFICE to schedule your free consultation.  You will be happy with what we can offer you.

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