Denver DUI Attorney Tom Nellessen of the Nellessen Law Office is a Premier DUI and Criminal Defense Lawyer. We have been serving the Denver area for over 25 years.

Denver DUI Attorney / Denver Criminal Defense Attorney

As a top Denver DUI Attorney in the state of Colorado, Tom Nellessen has the skill set and experience to help you through your drunk driving case.

You can find The Nellessen Law Office on the Best of the Web website.  Further, Denver DUI Attorney Tom Nellessen has been serving Colorado for over 25 years.  His goal is to provide the highest quality legal representation at an affordable cost.  The Nellessen Law Office is here to serve you.  At the NELLESSEN LAW OFFICE, we handle all misdemeanor and felony matters in the both the Colorado county and district courts.

Furthermore, we handle municipal court matters in cities throughout the Rocky Mountain front range.

Knowing the legal system includes knowing how all of the different jurisdictions work.  Each county court and district court handles cases differently.  As a result of our vast years of experience and dedication, we ensure that your rights, liberties and freedoms are protected at all costs.  We do this by providing vigorous and high quality legal representation to our clients.

” For high quality legal representation at an affordable cost, you cannot beat the Nellessen Law Office!” – Mike M.


The NELLESSEN LAW OFFICE is lead by Denver DUI Attorney and Criminal Defense Attorney Thomas J. Nellessen.  He is known for his legal knowledge and courtroom manner in both DUI and criminal matters.  Mr. Nellessen is revered as one of the top Denver DUI and criminal defense attorney in Colorado.

Most noteworthy, Mr. Nellessen is an aggressive trial attorney with dominating trial presentation skills.  As a result of his vast experience, he knows the court systems throughout the Denver metropolitan area.  His experience and reputation enable him to work with prosecutors to obtain the best possible results for his clients.

Tom Nellessen, Attorney



If you need of a Denver DUI Attorney or a Denver Criminal Defense Attorney, call the Nellessen Law Office.  We will answer any question that you might have about your case.  For high quality legal representation at an affordable cost, contact us today.